So here’s a weekend project for you. I just made piano sheet music for Bemoan from Destrier for anyone interested. This version is as I play it live and is slightly different from what I played on the album. The piano in Bemoan has a 8th note pulse pretty much throughout with just a few breathers and is very fixated on the number 5. I was making all sorts of polyrhythmic exercises for myself and making Keli try them out. I’ve come to know that you can make something beautiful out of most if not all musical material if treated in the right manner. Then it’s just a matter of putting it into context and deciding if and how much to bend the original rules. Most of the times I try to direct the material to a state where it keeps complete faith to the original building blocks but makes sense musically. That was the case with Bemoan.

Þórarinn Guðnason