Press Quotes and Reviews
Undoubtedly one of the most exciting new bands in the world today, Agent Fresco are so far ahead of the curve they practically redefine the term progressive.


SLAM Magazine (DE)
Agent Fresco demands full attention from the listener, if you allow that, the 17 tracks become a true monument of musicality and intensity. A true “mass walk” for music lovers. (9/10)


Paul Brannigan – Kerrang! Magazine (GB)
Agent Fresco blow us away for a second time. Seriously, this band is so impressive and the way the entire room sings along to their stunning Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher is a moment that’ll live long in the memory of all here.


ECLIPSED Magazine (DE)
…a little gem, which is worth looking at with all its facets. The large spectrum of the band goes from a hardrock blast incl. scream (He Is Listening) to the jazzy, rock-poppy “Eyes of a Cloud Catcher” to a bizarre piano ballad (In The Dirtiest Deep Of Hope) and the explosive “Yellow Nights” and “Paused”. (8/10)


Metal Hammer (UK)
Shimmering, beautiful post-rock 9/10


A highly complex piece of emotional music.  10/12 + Beauty of the Issue


Rock Sound (UK)
Emotionally devastating songs.


Echoes & Dust
If Agent Fresco can burst out from the confines of their home-country, there’s no reason why the band couldn’t fill stadiums the world over.


David Fricke – Rolling Stone (US)
Agent Fresco, an Icelandic band that somehow veered from blazing alt-guitar rock to Steely Dan-ballad piano figures and Queen stadium-gig hurrahs, often in the same song, to decisive euphoric effect.

Halley Bondy – MTV (US)
Agent Fresco, by and large one of the best bands to come out of Iceland.


Metal (DE)
Destrier is simply breathtaking – and a candidate for the album of the year. 10/10


Musik Nyheter (NO)
Agent Fresco delivers yet another masterpiece of a record. 10/10


Destrier is a masterpiece; a glorious, life-affirming masterpiece that, once heard, will make you wonder how you managed without it. Go seek.


What Agent Fresco delivers with ‚A long time listening’ is completely brilliant and should be checked out by everyone who likes hi-quality music.

Tim Larsen – Rockfreaks Magazine (DK)
Demonstrating their vast capacities as one of the most inventive and shockingly original bands to ever have come out of Europe. (10/10)


The Music Void (GB)
First band of the night was Icelandic band Agent Fresco. What an awesome show – think a male version of Bjork with a band coming from a Rage Against The Machine angle and you’d be close. They were by far most definitely TMVs favourite band of Eurosonic 2010.

Trash Hits Magazine (US)
Agent Fresco blew us away a bit. Sounding like a less-than-bizarre mix of Dillinger Escape Plan and System of a Down, they made us dance a bit with their stuttering dynamics then sing along to their stunning track, ‘Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher.

HLN Magazine (BE)
…And that’s about the tone with all good Icelandic bands we saw at Airwaves. You can see neither head nor tail in them. Agent Fresco for example, is like R.E.M., Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Moby. Someone should urgently have to put these guys on a festival.”

“An amazing debut, which can’t be pigeonholed and that isn’t something to listen to along the way, but you definitely be rewarded with inventive music“

Emily Harbaugh – Chicago’s Underground (US)
“Blending rock, pop, and hardcore, Agent Fresco managed to create a unique sound and absolutely master it. With Arnarson erupting into his operatic vocals sporadically throughout songs, intensity was created between the music and lyrics, which are sure to leave even the most ambivalent listener moved…. At the end of the show the crowd was left on a music high and didn’t want to come down. Chanting “Meira!” (Icelandic for “more”) over and over again, Agent Fresco left a lasting impression.”

Peter Krogholm – All Scandinavian Magazine (DK)
“Superiorly performed polyrhythmic, complex and immensely powerful mind-bender of a cocktail, and while not easily digestible at first or second listen the quartet’s kind enough to show off their pop abilities throughout, offering catchy near-calms to help you catch your breath and bearing…. A stunning band and a stunning album”.